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In today's post, find out the latest tips and tricks for the Homepod mini, which includes smart assistant features and more. 31 Mar 2020 From using the HomePod as a TV soundbar or external speaker to using it as your personal assistant or bedtime storyteller, the Apple  HomePod - это последняя новая линейка продуктов Apple, и вместе с ней появляется кривая обучения, пусть и небольшая. Один маленький кусочек, о  While you only see the volume buttons on the HomePod and HomePod mini touchpad, RELATED: 16 Apple HomePod Tips and Tricks You Need to Know. HomePod Tips & Tricks Thanks to Siri, Apple's HomePod can do more than just play music. Here are 10 issues you can use to get out of your HomePod to  Apple HomePod. Controls & Settings guide.

Homepod tips

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Tap Back, then Done. Apple HomePod. 102 likes. Electronics.

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19 Nov 2020 If you've recently picked up one of the HomePod Minis then here you'll find seven handy tips to get you started. 15 Mar 2021 Apple's first smart speaker sounds amazing, but Siri needs to do more to compete with Alexa and Google Assistant. 16 Mar 2021 Well, now you can update the guide to say that furniture can also be affected by other speakers, not just the HomePod. Harry Heng • 3 years ago.

Homepod tips

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Homepod tips

Just press and hold on the playback widget, tap on Apple designed the HomePod to be a multi-person device — so anyone and everyone in the room could easily control it with Siri. As such, the HomePod doesn't do any Voice ID like iPhone or iPad, and currently doesn't distinguish between voices in any way. So, once you set it up, anyone can activate Siri by using the command "Hey, Siri". 5. The HomePod mini is well positioned, both physically and with software, to act as a speaker for a nearby iMac or MacBook. To set it up, open System Preferences on your Mac and select Sound.

"Hey Siri" + Apple Music. Siri and HomePod are at their best when playing music from Apple Music, so the more you use Here are 30 of the hottest Siri tips, tricks and features – and don't forget to check out our round-up of the essential HomePod commands. 1. Stream Spotify on your HomePod (other streaming services are available) These HomePod tips should help. 1.
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Homepod tips

4 And with Intercom, you can easily communicate with your family members by voice using more than Ultimately, while the HomePod Mini has the upper hand in terms of its Siri-based music discovery, the broader compatibility of the Echo in terms of music services and smart home devices gives it the win here.

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Set up a stereo pair · 3. Quickly transfer audio  13 maart 2021 De luidspreker stuur je aan met behulp van Siri en kan allerlei taken voor je uitvoeren.

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The HomePod is far more than just a nice-sounding speaker. It’s possible to control the HomePod through your iPhone’s Music app, as long as you use AirPlay for Apple Music.